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Starting with GSES makes sustainability Easier Than Anything!

The GSES system is a worldwide standard, a system that measures companies and organizations for sustainable and circular entrepreneurship. Blockchain technology is used for this.

The GSES method is supported by the online GSES platform. On this platform, organizations have their own Sustainability Dashboard and can conduct online assessments and request validations / external audits or invite suppliers to complete the GSES assessment. The goal is to make entire chains more sustainable.

The Advantages
Why Our Platform is
Best for your Business
  • Make sustainable and circular ambitions concrete
  • Strengthen the adoption and scope of your product and/or service, nationally and internationally.
  • More functionality and insight for your customers.
  • One umbrella ScoreCard – More services and insight available on the GSE® System platform for joint customers.
  • Increase brand awareness through events, media communications, and network of GSES platform and the National Sustainability Institute.
  • Receive training on the use of GSE® System

GSES System

is measuring and monitoring organizations, supply chains, products, and projects


for private and public organizations, from corporates to micro-companies and provinces


measuring on CSR, Circular Economy, Biodiversity Carbon, Health and Procurement
How it Works
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with GSES System

Corporate Governance Dashboard

ESG Ratingcard

Procurement Dashboard

A given overview so you can improve your sustainable procurement.

Search Database

You can search in the database for organization and products.

Invite Stakeholders

Rank the sustainability performance of your suppliers or investments.