Biodiversity Assessment

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    ecolabels, biodiversity management (e.g. Groenkeur, NL greenlabel, Kleurkeur), case descriptions

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    CSR/biodiversity report


    CSR/biodiversity report

    * Remark attached to the checkpoints concerning the supply chain:

    Where an organization is purchasing primary production (especially but not exclusively food and fiber commodities) that is known to be produced in regions where there is a risk of significant conversion of natural and/or critical habitats, systems and verification practices will be adopted as part of the organization’s ESMS to evaluate its primary suppliers. The systems and verification practices will (i) identify where the supply is coming from and the habitat type of this area; (ii) provide for an ongoing review of the organization’s primary supply chains; (iii) limit procurement to those suppliers that can demonstrate that they are not contributing to significant conversion of natural and/or critical habitats (this may be demonstrated by delivery of certified product, or progress towards verification or certification under a credible scheme in certain commodities and/or locations); and (iv) where possible, require actions to shift the organization’s primary supply chain over time to suppliers that can demonstrate that they are not significantly adversely impacting these areas. The ability of the organization to fully address these risks will depend upon the organization’s level of management control or influence over its primary suppliers.