Become GSES consultant

GSES Consultancy is the master license holder in the area of consultancy on the International (certification) schedule GSES “Global Sustainable Enterprise System". GSES Consultancy is keen that as much as possible assurance is on consulting international (certification) scheme on the GSES.

GSES Consultancy works mainly with sub licensees, these are independent consultants who have completed the GSES (consultants) training and they are qualified to take an (inter) national sub license so that they can become a GSES Consultant.

GSES participants and clients have the ability to party (s) to request the current consultancy party to follow the GSES (consultancy) training and to arrange a sub license so that they can become a GSES consultant. On the other hand, the GSES participants and clients also can use the current GSES Consultants.
The GSES Consultants consulting, among others, according to the guidelines and the Code of Conduct that GSES Consultancy and the Advisory Board. In the Advisory Board are thorough parties which provide sufficient knowledge.
The purpose of GSES Consultancy is that there are so many possible assurance is in consultancy on the GSES. Parts to maximize assurance to offer are:

  • GSES Consultancy training;
  • GSES Consultancy guidelines;
  • GSES Consultancy Code of Conduct;
  • GSES Consultancy sub licensing model;
  • GSES Consultancy Advisory Board;
  • GSES Consultancy Complaints Line.

GSES Consultancy training

The GSES Consultancy training is given by trainers of NEVI/NEVI Purspective and GSES. With NEVI Purspective the GSES Consultancy training can be given international.

The GSES Consultancy training consists of a 2-day training which is based on providing consultancy in the GSES schedule in which the focus is placed on the corporate level of the GSES schedule:

  • CSR Pillar | CSR Corporate Social Responsobility ISO 26000
  • SRP Pillar | SRP Sustainable Responsible Procurement ISO 20400
  • CO ² Pillar | CO ² Reduction or CO ² Emissions ISO 14064 – 1
  • CO Pillar | CB Business BS 8001 Circuliar

(ISO: International Organization for Standardization | Bs: British Standard)


Become GSES consultant