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The Blue Planets rating system

What is the Blue Planet Rating System?

The BP Rating System is designed to serve the e-commerce module. It will enable consumers to choose products, services and sellers that are better for our future. That way companies providing us with products and services will be encouraged to become eco-friendly.

Why is the Blue Planet Rating System Needed?

The system is designed for web shops, review platforms and booking sites, which all want to achieve full customer-engagement and customers’ trust. E-commerce players need to pay greater attention to the sustainable and social values of their products, as this became a real customerincentive.

The Blue Planet e-commerce module powered by GSES is the solution to enable consumers to purchase wisely, and to guarantee that compagnies act in the planet’s interest.

How does it work?

The BP e-commerce module is powered by the Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES). It provides customers with data regarding the sustainability of the product, service or brand (Appendix, Table 1). This data is verified at standard level (Figure 1), Blue Planet e-commerce module facilitates an in-depth vendor dashboard for organizations.

Additionally, the module facilitates standardized visualizations of the ratings per brand, service and/or product. Also, the standardized visualizations will be validated by external audits. This visualization will be a five Blue Planets rating system. The Blue Planets ratings are measured based on the GSES Meta Standard, which aligns more than 150 certifications and labels based on international accepted guidelines and standards.

Blue Planets
Category Name
5 Planets AAA (90-100%) Nature and People Positive
4,5 Planets AA (80-89%) Nature and People Positive
4 Planets A (70-79%) Eco-conscious
3,5 Planets BBB (60-69%) Eco-conscious
3 Planets BB (50-59%) Reasonably sustainable
2,5 Planets B (40-49%) Reasonably sustainable
2 Planets CCC (30-39%) Insufficiently sustainable
1 Planet CC (20-29%) Insufficiently sustainable
0 Planets C (00-19%) Nature and People Negative
GSES Pillar
Translation to Blue Planets
Corporate Social Responsibility Fair labor conditions
Sustainable Procurement Fair Price
Health and Safety Clean Environment
Carbon Emissions Carbon Positive
Biodiversity Nature Positive
GSES Footprints
Translation to Blue Planets
Environmental Footprint Eco-friendly
Circular Footprint Earth-friendly
Health Footprint Health-friendly

Figure 1. The Verification Process of the Blue Planets Rating System
An initiative by: Blue Planet Alliance, GSES System

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