Circular Economy Assessment

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    [checkbox_custom question1 use_label_element "1|a. system thinking, and long term thinking in the direction of system change" "1|b. collaboration in the chain focused on circularity" "2|c. innovation and redesign of products and/or services" "1|d. new business models focused on value retention" "2|e. taking responsibility for the life cycle of materials" "2|f. high-quality reuse and recycling of products and materials" "1|g. renewable materials" "10|Not Applicable"]

    Company policy plan, or webpage


    [checkbox_custom question2 use_label_element "2|a. what our options are for creating a system around a product service in which the value of materials is retained as much as possible" "2|b. which partners are needed for a system around a product service in which the value of materials is retained as much as possible" "1|c. what the techniques and/or innovations are that are needed for this" "1|d. what the (im)possibilities offered by legislation and regulations are" "1|e. which movements and risks in the market are relevant for creating a system around a product service in which the value of materials is retained" "1|f. which opportunities exist for subsidies and funds for the creation of more circular products and/or services" "2|g. the extent to which residual waste is produced by us and in the chain (suppliers and customers) that cannot be recovered" "10|Not Applicable"]

    Context analysis


    [checkbox_custom question3 use_label_element "1|a. plastic" "1|b. organic waste" "1|c. metal" "1|d. chemical / hazardous waste" "1|e. e-waste (e.g. PC's)" "5|Not Applicable"]

    Waste management plan / Pictures of waste bins on site


    [checkbox_custom question4 use_label_element "1|a. the creation of ecological and social added value" "2|b. the option of implementing the functionality of a product or service in a different way" "1|c. the replacement of toxic, scarce and/or critical substances and materials" "2|d. designs for high-quality reuse, extension of life span (repair, reuse, re-manufacture, refurbish, re-purpose)" "1|e. more efficient products/services, with less environmental damage during use" "1|f. using recycled materials for production and/or services" "2|g. apply high-quality recycled materials or components in production and/or service provision" "10|Not Applicable"]

    Innovation plans / concrete examples


    [checkbox_custom question5 use_label_element "2|a. our dialogue with suppliers, business partners, buyers, knowledge institutes or other stakeholders to promote Circular economy" "2|b. the quantitative targets that we have established on the basis of which actions and results in the terms of Circular economy are assessed" "2|c. our plan to increase the circularity of our products and/or services" "2|d. management supports the organization and encourages them to persevere and come up with new ideas if the results are disappointing" "2|e. the organization is already active in one or more pilots so as to experiment with CE" "10|Not Applicable"]

    dialogue reports / KPI's in CE plan / evaluation reports / management statement / pilot proofs


    [checkbox_custom question6 use_label_element "4|a. a higher purchase price for circular options" "3|b. the use of a total cost of usage/ownership calculation" "3|c. spending money over a longer period of time instead of all at once" "10|Not Applicable"]

    financial policy


    [checkbox_custom question7 use_label_element "1|a. modular and/or easy to repair products" "1|b. use bio-based materials from sustainably managed areas that do not compete with food production" "1|c. use recycled substances and materials in products" "1|d. apply high-quality reused parts in products (re-manufacture)" "1|e. supply high-quality reused products (refurbish)" "1|f. applying pay per use, lease and/or buy back contracts" "2|g. assuring the recycling of materials after use" "2|h. assuring the reuse of products and/or parts after use" "10|Not Applicable"]



    [checkbox_custom question8 use_label_element "3|a. holding meetings with parties in the chain" "5|b. the implementation of concrete projects" "2|c. evaluating the results of the projects" "10|Not Applicable"]

    Meeting reports / certificates / contracts / concrete examples


    [checkbox_custom question9 use_label_element exclusive "20|<100% - >90%" "18|<90% - >80%" "16|<80% - >70%" "14|<70% - >60%" "12|<60% - >50%" "10|<50% - >40%" "8|<40% - >30%" "6|<30% - >20%" "4|<20% - >10%" "2|<10% - >0%"]

    Turnover figures in relation to the business models.


    [checkbox_custom question10 use_label_element exclusive "10|<100% - >90%" "9|<90% - >80%" "8|<80% - >70%" "7|<70% - >60%" "6|<60% - >50%" "5|<50% - >40%" "4|<40% - >30%" "3|<30% - >20%" "2|<20% - >10%" "1|<10% - >0%"]

    CTI or Circulytics Water Circularity Calculations and Water Flow analyses


    [radio_custom question11 use_label_element "10|CE performance is measured, monitored and assessed with quantitative targets." "20|Not Applicable"]

    CE report


    [radio_custom question12 use_label_element "10|The organization draws conclusions from the CE assessment and works towards continuous improvement on the basis of the assessment." "20|Not Applicable"]

    CE report

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