CO2 Reduction Assessment

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    [checkbox_custom question1 use_label_element "2|a. has formulated policies for climate and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, etc.)." "1|b. involves their employees in their greenhouse gas policy" "2|c. has calculated their company's CO2 footprint" "2|d. has a plan to eventually do as much as possible in a CO2-neutral way" "2|e. has established quantitative targets against which actions and results in terms of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will be assessed" "1|f. communicates with their suppliers and customers about greenhouse gas and climate emissions" "10|Not Applicable"]

    CO2 strategy / management plan / various docs


    [radio_custom question2 use_label_element "3|<10%" "6|<15%" "9|<20%" "12|<25%" "15|<30%" "20|<35%"]

    CO2 reports


    [radio_custom question3 use_label_element "10|The organization uses renewable energy produced from wind or sun with guarantees of domestic origin."]

    Energy contract


    [checkbox_custom question4 use_label_element exclusive"10|<100% - >90%" "9|<90% - >80%" "8|<80% - >70%" "7|<70% - >60%" "6|<60% - >50%" "5|<50% - >40%" "4|<40% - >30%" "3|<30% - >20%" "2|<20% - >10%" "1|<10% - >0%" "10|Not Applicable"]

    Energy use and production tables


    [checkbox_custom question5 use_label_element exclusive"10|<100% - >90%" "9|<90% - >80%" "8|<80% - >70%" "7|<70% - >60%" "6|<60% - >50%" "5|<50% - >40%" "4|<40% - >30%" "3|<30% - >20%" "2|<20% - >10%" "1|<10% - >0%" "10|Not Applicable"]

    Energy use tables and compensation calculations and contract


    [checkbox_custom question6 use_label_element exclusive "10|The organization has a plan to maximize the compensation of CO2 emissions in scope 1, 2 and 3 (explain how)"]

    Compensation plan / CO2 management/ action plan


    [checkbox_custom question7 use_label_element exclusive"10|An Energy-neutral organization" "20|An Energy-neutral and energy-generating organization"]

    Tables with energy consumption and production and/or compensation contract


    [checkbox_custom question8 use_label_element "4|a. subcontractors" "2|b. customers" "2|c. peers" "2|d. companies in our region" "10|Not Applicable"]

    Proof of initiatives and programs


    [radio_custom question9 use_label_element "10|CO2 performance is measured, monitored and assessed with quantitative targets." "10|Not Applicable"]

    CO2 reports


    [radio_custom question10 use_label_element "10|We draw conclusions from the CO2 assessment and work towards continuous improvement on the basis of the assessment." "10|Not Applicable"]

    CO2 reports

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