NDI Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct establishes a framework for all professional partners of the NDI, to ensure compliance with our own fundamental principles of ethics:

  • Integrity
  • Independence
  • Transparency
  1. The NDI propagates integrity and transparency and we commit to integrity and transparency ourselves. We expect our partners to do the same.

  2. We operate independently and expect our partners to respect the independence of the NDI. More specifically, our partners agree that they shall, under no circumstances, attempt to pressure the NDI into:

    • altering the accreditation process of new certifications.

    • allowing influence over our validation and certification process.

    • accepting specific certification and validation bodies that we consider unsuitable

      and/or which have had no prior training by the NDI.

We take this very seriously and will end any partnership which compromises our integrity.

By signing this Code of Conduct, our partners agree to its content.

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