Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment

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    [checkbox_custom question1 use_label_element "2|a. Identifying and involving the stakeholders (the people that are influenced and/or have influence on the policy and its execution) in their policy on sustainability, CSR and/or circular economy policy" "2|b. continuously improving the sustainability of the business operations" "2|c. innovation of the products and services aimed at sustainability and/or circularity" "2|d. applying a life-cycle approach to get a picture of the total cost of usage and the impact of the products/services on people and the environment" "2|e. communicating about sustainability, CSR and/or circular economy with the stakeholders" "10|Not Applicable"]

    Company policy plan / webpage / stakeholder analysis


    [checkbox_custom question2 use_label_element "2|a. human rights in the value chain" "2|b. labour practices" "2|c. environment" "1|d. fair business practices" "1|e. consumer issues" "2|f. local communities and social contribution" "10|Not Applicable"]

    Company policy plan / webpage


    [checkbox_custom question3 use_label_element "2|a. a practical action plan for CSR that is regularly reviewed and updated" "1|b. a materiality analysis" "1|c. one or more CSR related certificates (e.g. ISO 14001, Fair Trade Standard)" "2|d. actively informing the outside world about the CSR policy" "1|e. actively involving the employees in the implementation of the CSR policy" "1|f. CSR responsibilities are defined within the company documents" "1|g. the CSR documents (policy, report, certifications, etc.) can be found on the company website" "1|h. actively involving our employees in the decision-making on CSR" "10|Not Applicable"]

    Company actionplan, minimum: company impacts per theme / certificates / stakeholder docs / interviews / communication docs / year reports / website / blog / company action plan / webpages / stakeholder meeting reports


    [checkbox_custom question4 use_label_element "2|a. no child labour that deviates from national laws ánd ILO standards (e.g. that prevents children from going to school)" "2|b. equal opportunities for and non-discrimination of women and minorities" "2|c. workers are not hindered in any way in their freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining" "2|d. working in safe, fair and reasonable working conditions (incl. no forced labour)" "2|e. fair wages that allow for a standard of living in which housing, food, education and health care is affordable" "10|Not Applicable"]

    Code of Conduct / interviews


    [checkbox_custom question5 use_label_element "1|a. preventing and limiting emissions of greenhouse gases (CO2, methane, etc.)" "2|b. phasing out hazardous (toxic) or suspicious substances as described in a management and/or action plan (PRODUCT)" "2|b. Not Applicable" "2|c. increasing the use of ecologically sound products (raw materials, food, cleaning products and pesticides) as described in a management and/or action plan" "2|d. air and/or water treatment plants at production sites (PRODUCT)" "2|d. Not Applicable" "2|e. measures to limit the impact on the natural environment, including marine, freshwater and/or terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity and to repair any damage as much as possible (PRODUCT)" "2|e. Not Applicable" "1|f. setting up and managing the company sites according to a Biodiversity Action Plan" "10|Not Applicable, I'm not a producer."]

    chemical management plan, ref 14001 / procurement policy / prod. Cert. / emission plan / biodiversity management plan / biodiversity action plan BAP


    [checkbox_custom question6 use_label_element "2|a. combating corruption, bribery and extortion" "2|b. responsible political engagement" "2|c. ensuring fair competition" "2|d. respect for property rights" "2|e. transparency" "10|Not Applicable"]



    [checkbox_custom question7 use_label_element"2|a. designing the products/services according to predefined standards for health and safety" "2|b. easily available instructions for safe and healthy use" "4|Not Applicable"]

    webpage / brochures and / or manuals


    [checkbox_custom question8 use_label_element "3|a. the provision of training opportunities, through traineeships or the provision of education" "3|b. helping people who are distanced from the labour market to gain work experience (social return)" "2|c. stimulating the regional economy by purchasing as much as possible locally or regionally" "2|d. supporting social organisations and charities (e.g. through: sponsorships, voluntary activity or other means)" "10|Not Applicable"]

    education policy / HR policy / procurement policy / various proof of support


    [radio_custom question9 use_label_element "10|CSR performance is measured, monitored and assessed with quantitative targets." "10|Not Applicable"]

    CSR Report


    [radio_custom question10 use_label_element "10|The organization draws conclusions from the CSR assessment and works towards continuous improvement on the basis of the assessment." "10|Not Applicable"]

    CSR Report

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