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What is Data for Good?
You can think of Data for Good as your digital gateway to championing sustainable development through global action and partnerships. Data for Good is dedicated to fostering international cooperation, igniting change-makers' passion, and bringing visibility to their sustainable initiatives. Our customizable dashboards act as your canvas to illustrate your narrative of change. Enhancing accountability, providing opportunities for collaboration, and promoting transparency are the three core missions of Data for Good. By enabling change agents to verify their achievements, DfG helps pave the way towards authentic sustainability by challenging any green-washing claims. Go check out the Vetted for Good feature, powered by Audit Independer. Dive in now and make your impact known.
Why was Data for Good founded?
Data for Good was founded with the purpose of supporting the achievement of all the sustainable development goals set under the United Nations 2030 Agenda. By directly supporting targets 17.18 and 17.19 under Goal #17: Global Partnerships, Data for Good facilitates the monitoring of capabilities, provides access to data, and ensures the prevalence of accountability. Additionally, Data for Good provides a verification feature, connecting its users to an independent network of auditors, ensuring that every milestone on your project’s dashboard is rigorously vetted and your sustainable journey is transparent and trustworthy. At Data for Good, we are fierce believers in the potential of the SDGs as a strong force for good-- they are not just goals but our guiding stars for sustainable development. Reducing the lack of visibility on their progress is Data for Good's daily mission. Join us to further a sustainable future for all.
How can Data for Good help people?
Discover a suite of tailored tools for civil society's champions: 1. Free Project Dashboards: Illuminate your impact on global challenges. Launch, customize, and share your achievements with the world! 2. Call for Tender: Connect and collaborate! Find opportunities for collaboration or seek expertise to accelerate your project. 3. Global Community Access: Join a network of change agents dedicated to forging global partnerships and driving collective progress. 4. Verification Feature: Boost transparency and trust! Request a third-party audit with Audit Independer, showcasing your project's integrity on our Vetted Projects page. Seize the tools that amplify your impact!
How does Data for Good help organizations?
Data for Good is the definitive platform for organizations to demonstrate their dedication to the SDGs. With our exclusive Organization Dashboards, your organization may not only showcase the diversity of your sustainability projects but also track each project's evolution. Additionally, you can seamlessly link your GSES Scorecard (if a member) to this page to broadcast your sustainability ratings and reports (like CSR for example), and invite members of the Data for Good community to events on your personal calendar.
How does Data for Good help governmental institutions?
Data for Good empowers governmental institutions to lead by example in the pursuit of the SDGs. With Data for Good's Governmental Dashboards, governmental change agents can showcase their public projects and commitments to sustainable development. The platform serves as a testament of your verified impact, as well as supporting your institution in providing strong evidence and context for strategic funding initiatives. Additionally, DfG acts as a bridge where governmental agents can share and collaborate on the endorsed policies supporting sustainable development and (local) climate pledges.
How is DfG connected with GSES?
The Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES) and Data for Good (DfG) are interconnected digital platforms designed for sustainability management and verification. GSES focuses on measuring, rating and verifying the sustainability performance of organizations, supply chains, products, and assets, employing the Global Sustainable Enterprise Standard and the Sustainable Footprint Standard. Data for Good recognizes the diverse needs of projects which address various issues, requiring customized key performance indicators (KPIs), targets, and timelines. It provides a flexible dashboard-based project management platform for change agents, big or small and across different sectors. Under common ownership with GSES, Data for Good is specifically tailored for project-level sustainability management. Data for Good aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), capturing the broad and ambitious aspirations of projects working towards positive change. Both GSES and Data for Good share a foundational belief in simplifying and unifying the sustainability landscape. Founded on a collective ethos of combatting greenwashing, both entities strive to play a role in building a sustainable future by embracing trustworthy and transparent approaches. For more information about GSES, you can visit the GSES website. To delve deeper into Data for Good, its rationale, and features, you can continue exploring the content on this page.
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