Environmental Impact
The Evironmental Footprint

The following aspects are taken into account in a qualitative analysis:

The following aspects are additional CF-indicators and/or are taken into account at an organizational level by means of the GSES CE pillar or as an informative statement:

  • Use of scarce materials.
  • Product lifespan.
  • Circular business strategy is subject at the organizational level through the CE pillar of the GSES
  • Improvement strategy

Certification of the CF score comes with the obligation to obtain the EF certification within 2 years. This will give an even more complete picture of the sustainability performance. In addition to the EF certification, there is also the obligation to ensure company-wide circularity (CE pillar) within 2 years.

Environmental Impact

If the impact of energy and other environmental emissions is also to be considered, then the EF must be determined. This EF method is based on life cycle assessment (LCA). The EF is based on the:

  • ISO 14040/44
  • ISO 14025
  • European PEF