From the MVO Nederland Maritime Network, several top Dutch maritime companies joined forces to make procurement more sustainable. The role of procurement in the maritime sector is ever-evolving. The expected lifetime of a product is becoming shorter, while supply chains are becoming less transparent. With the increasing globalisation of business the need has arisen to look beyond cost-saving measurements. Over 80% of CPO’s recognise sustainable procurement as a trend. Key is to generate sustained profitability, economically, socially and environmentally. Boskalis, Heerema Marine Contractors, Royal IHC, Peterson, 80:20 Procurement and Theunissen Technical Trading collaborated to get to grips with this trend by creating a tool for sustainable procurement, the BlueScan.

CSR Netherlands and the Founding Fathers of the Maritime BleuScan asked the National Sustainability Institute whether they wanted to adopt the bluescan under the GSES® system in order to secure the BlueScan internationally.

The GSES system is an overarching generic global standard on sustainability. Because the BlueScan overlaps 80% with the CSR and CSP pillar of the GSES® system and the fact that BlueScan can also be used generically, the NDI has proudly accepted this offer.

The Founding Fathers of the BlueScan are: Boskalis, Heerema Marine Contractors, IHC, Theunissen Technical Trading, 80:20 Procurement, Peterson and CSR Netherlands. Not only the BlueScan method is adopted by the GSES System, also the BlueScan platform is integrated in the GSES® Platform from august 2018 to extend the reach of measuring global sustainable impact.

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GSES System Dashboard
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Update: January 2021