Health & Safety Assessment

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    [checkbox_custom question1 use_label_element "6|a. employees" "2|b. clients / customers" "2|c. subcontractors" "10|Not Applicable"]

    Overview of preferences and requirements of stakeholders


    [checkbox_custom question2 use_label_element "3|a. H&S is set out in the policy or a separate H&S policy has been drawn up" "2|b. A H&S management system has been set up" "3|c. Concrete targets have been set for H&S" "2|d. H&S performance indicators (KPIs) have been established in order to manage the H&S SMART objectives" "10|Not Applicable"]

    H&S policy plan


    [checkbox_custom question3 use_label_element "2|a. there are mechanisms, time, training and resources for employee consultation and participation." "2|b. offering employees timely access to clear, comprehensible, relevant information about HS" "1|c. non-managerial employees are consulted when establishing the H&S policy" "1|d. obstacles and barriers to employee participation are identified, removed or minimised." "2|e. non-managerial employees are involved in establishing competence requirements, training needs, training and evaluating training" "2|f. offering timely access to clear, comprehensible and relevant information about H&S to the other stakeholders, such as ...…" "10|Not Applicable"]

    description of process / concrete examples / consultation reports / explanation with concrete examples


    [checkbox_custom question4 use_label_element "2|a. employees" "2|b. contractors" "2|c. temporary workers" "2|d. apprentices" "1|e. other internals who are involved" "1|f. the environment" "10|Not Applicable"]

    risk inventory


    [checkbox_custom question5 use_label_element "2|a. the information on tools, machines, systems that can promote safety (PRODUCT)" "2|a. Not Applicable" "2|b. potential emergency situations (unplanned or unscheduled situations) that require an immediate response" "2|c. opportunities for improving H&S-related performance for employees, contractors, temporary employees and other internal stakeholders" "2|d. opportunities for improving H&S-related performance for the environment (PRODUCT)" "2|e. legal and other requirements applicable to its hazards and H&S risks (including opportunities)" "10|Not Applicable"]



    [checkbox_custom question6 use_label_element "2|a. management is committed and shows leadership with regard to H&S" "2|b. management create a culture that protects employees from reprisals" "1|c. employees are given the opportunity to attend additional information sessions or training courses on H&S-related topics that are relevant to them" "1|d. the organization involves all divisions in the integration of H&S" "2|e. the organization has set up clear contact points if employees want to look up H&S-related" "2|f. information employees can make an active contribution to the content of H&S-related communication" "10|Not Applicable"]

    specific communication (newsletters, intranet etc) / management decision / management confirmation / specific info sessions / consultation reports with various divisions / memo's etc. / H&S-related input by employees


    [checkbox_custom question7 use_label_element "2|a. constantly identifying (new) H&S hazards (PRODUCT)" "2|Not Applicable" "1|b. focusing on hazards related to social factors" "2|c. design control measures or reorganization of work to eliminate hazards (PRODUCT)" "2|Not Applicable" "2|Not Applicable" "2|d. provision of free personal protective equipment (PPE) and instructions for the use and maintenance of the PPE (PRODUCT)" "2|Not Applicable" "2|e. contingency plans and training for emergency situations" "1|f. periodic exercises and/or tests to simulate potential emergency situations" "10|Not Applicable, I'm not a producer."]

    hazard identification and notification process description


    [radio_custom question8 use_label_element "10|H&S performance is measured, monitored and assessed with quantitative targets." "10|Not Applicable"]

    Evaluation reports


    [radio_custom question9 use_label_element "10|The organization draws conclusions from the H&S assessment and works towards continuous improvement on the basis of the assessment." "10|Not Applicable"]

    Evaluation reports

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