The Challenge

The world is in a transition to a healthy planet and fair society. However, people and institutions that want to accelerate this shift are often stranded in the clutter of sustainability certifications and labels. We are facing an overload of complex information and regulations. That makes it challenging to understand, measure and manage your (and your supply chain’s) sustainability performance.

GSES is the solution

The Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES) is one holistic, verified and accredited standard and platform for sustainability. Our system easily, and cost-effectively aligns over 550 ecolabels and sustainable certificates and uses worldwide accepted standards to holistically measure sustainability performance.

The GSES Score combines all your sustainability certifications and labels into one verified asset. Whether it is about your products, projects or organisation.

The GSES platform is the gateway to assessments and support to improve your sustainability rating. Invite your stakeholders & suppliers and create the ultimate supply chain management tool.

The powerful tech that creates the system, turns the sustainable performance and governance of your organization and products from a complex burden, into an opportunity. And helping to change the system, into the planet and society we truly need.

How GSES helps you to be successful