Sustainable Meta-Standards

The GSES System is an ESG rating system for companies public organizations, and NGOs. The GSES System works with internationally accepted frameworks and standards such as; GSE Standard, SASB Standards, Blue-Scan, Sustainable Footprint standard, and over 550 ecolabels and certification schemes.

The Meta Standard is an international umbrella standard based on existing certificates and labels. Companies, brands, accommodations, and products can be rated based on the certificates and ecolabels that they already have achieved.

The Meta Standard is measured on 2 levels: 1st and 2nd line, 1st line are certificates that have been checked and issued by an independent certification body that is supervised by an Accreditation Council in the country where it is located. 2nd line are certificates that can be submitted by the organization itself that have not been independently audited by a certification body/institution, these are then checked by an independent audit.

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The following costs will be charged for an independent verification:
For a certificate and/or quality mark in the first line exemption each € 49.95 ex VAT
For a certificate and/or quality mark in the second line exemption each € 149.95 ex VAT

After uploading, you will receive your rating in the GSES System within 48 hours and the digital scorecard will be put online in the (procurement) database. You can use the online ESG Rating- card for marketing, governance, and tender purposes.

Optimize your score
You may not have any quality marks and/or certificates that are exempt or you may want to optimize your score. If you choose a Pro Membership or Full Membership you have the option to make Assessments on multiple sustainability themes and on multiple levels such as; Corporate Governance, Supply Chain, Product / Project.

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How it Works
Organization Level

1st line Exemptions Metastandard Organization Level
Validation on Standard level (without extra reports)

2nd line Exemptions Metastandard Organizational Level

(Validation by full audit reports)

Product/Project Level

2nd line Exemptions Metastandard Product / Project Level
(Based on full audit report)