Nationaal Duurzaamheid Instituut


  • It is time to drastically change to more sustainable business models.
  • Across the board, there is a momentum and a willingness to change.
  • Nonetheless, the world is acting too slowly to be able to meet the conservative goals of the Paris
  • Change should be driven by WANT and not by MUST: we should inspire a desire to change from
  • We strongly believe governments, organizations and citizens are ready for more sustainable
    choices, but often do not know how.
  • An holistic approach is the only way: we change the world together.

It is our MISSION:

  • to provide CONCRETE SOLUTIONS that speed up the global sustainability agenda.
  • to promote and enable TRANSPARENCY, in a secure and open-source blockchain setting.
  • providing organizations with PRACTICAL TOOLS to be able to integrate the Social Development
    Goals into their business practices.
  • to create a NEW GLOBAL FRAME OF REFERENCE for sustainability.
  • to expand our global sustainability community, INVOLVING THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS.
  • to do so within a short timeframe before the earth is exhausted: OUR TIME IS NOW!