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The Step to Sustainability

Traditional sustainability reporting is time-consuming and expensive. With the overload of complex information and regulations, it is challenging to understand, measure, and manage your sustainability performance without any help.

The Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES®) is a recognized platform that helps you rate, verify and certify your sustainability performance on the process, supply chain, and product level. No more confusion due to an overload of complex information and regulations. Our system easily, and cost-effectively aligns over 500 ecolabels and sustainable certificates and uses worldwide accepted standards to holistically measure sustainability performance.

Key Features & Benefits
Introduce The New
Generation Platform for Professionals

Measure Sustainability

Using our Assets feature, measure the sustainability performance of your real estate assets based on sustainability measures.

Independent Verifications

You can request independent verifications and audits to prove that your results are based on accurate sustainability claims.


Search verified sustainability data for organizations, product, brands, services, and projects.

Sustainability Performance

Measure your sustainability performance using the GSES standard and the Sustainable Footprint Standard assessments.


Gather your already achieved certifications and reports on our platform and apply for a Meta-standard rating!

Procurement Dashboard

You can compare organizations and suppliers based on their sustainability performance.
Manage your own supply chain
With our easy-to-use filter options, it has never been easier to find and compare potential business partners.
In this way, you can easily practice sustainability & responsible purchasing. There are no longer uncertainties regarding the impact of your purchasing.
Showcase your sustainability
Using your QR code, easily share your Rating Card and make sustainability one of your unique selling points.
The card shows your name, contact details, mission & vision, total GSES score, verification & audit details, targets, certificates, and more. Let's make sustainability one of your unique selling points.
All achievements into one asset
No more confusion due to the multitude of your certifications and reports. Assessments made easy.
Our Meta-standard combines all your sustainability certifications and reports into one asset that proves your commitment and compliance to sustainability.
What our Clients say
Karin van Ijsselmuide | NEVI photo

Karin van Ijsselmuide | NEVI

CSR Program Director
The GSES System is very useful for procurement professionals, for example, to be able to make sustainable choices for the right suppliers and products.
Eelco Smit | Philips photo

Eelco Smit | Philips

Sustainability Director
This new calculation method helps to further develop our policy. So we know exactly how many grams of copper, steel and plastic are in our MRI scanners, where this comes from and how much of it has been recycled.
Jan Oosterbeek | Ecopoint photo

Jan Oosterbeek | Ecopoint

Key Account Manager
I see the GSES system as a platform in which socially conscious people want to make a difference. By joining the GSES system We want to find new partners and create transparency and visibility for our safe and sustainable concepts. That is why we joined the GSES system.
Dingeman de Groot | Peterson photo

Dingeman de Groot | Peterson

We at Peterson recognize our position within the supply chain and GSES makes the perfect platform to jumpstart sustainable change within the maritime sector and develop new sustainable business relationships. We want to help our numerous suppliers and customers to have insight in their sustainable performance and work towards a transparent supply chain.
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Align All

The World has created the Sustainable Development Goals, Standards, Laws and Regulations. All with the Intent to Make a Difference for Our Planet and its People.

The Standards

The standards and all data in the platform is verified and audited by independent certification institutions that are under accreditation.

GSES Users

Users of the GSES System have an online account which gives the opportunity to create rating cards on all levels.
the solution
The Online
GSES System
The standards and all data in the platform is verified and audited by independent certification institutions that are under accreditation.
Users of the GSES System have an online account which gives the opportunity to create rating cards on organization, supply chain, product and project level.
After verification the ratings are published in the global database due to marketing, tender and procurement reasons.

We Are Worldwide

The Netherlands:
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Is Knowing

GSES System is measuring and monitoring organizations, supply chains, products, and projects. We are measuring on different pillars; CSR, Circular Economy, Biodiversity Carbon, Health, and Procurement.

Applicable for private and public organizations, from corporates to provinces to micro-companies.

  • CSR
  • CE
  • SP
  • CO2
  • HS
  • BIO
Unifying Goals
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