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June 24, 2021 Kelly Ruigrok

Welcome to your Previous Version Jumbo Questionnaire

Please respond as appropriate (YES or NO) to each question and add comments specific to the question.

  1. Introduction

    It is of critical importance for Jumbo Shipping Offshore to have control over Contractors / Sub Contractors and Suppliers to ensure legal and standard compliance whilst they are working on the premises or a construction site of Jumbo Shipping Offshore.

  2. Standard

    Proof of the following documentation, in the form of a QHSE File, is compulsory and will be made available to the Jumbo QHSE Department by all Contractors prior to commencement of work.

  3. Definitions

    • Employee - means any person who is employed by or works for an employer and who receives or is entitled to receive any remuneration or who works under the direction or supervision of an employer or any other person.
    • Employer - means, any person who employs or provides work for any person and remunerates that person or expressly or tacitly undertakes to remunerate him, but excludes labor brokers.
    • Mandatory - includes an agent, a contractor or a subcontractor for work, but without derogating from his status in his own right as an employer or user.
    • Premises - includes any building, vehicle, vessel, train or aircraft.
    • Company - is Jumbo Shipping Offshore.
    • Employment or Employed - means employment or employed as an employee.
    • Plant - includes fixtures, fittings, implements, equipment, tools and appliances and anything which is used for any purpose in connection with such plant.
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