Validation & certification

The Global Sustainable Enterprise Standard & the Sustainable Footprint Standard are certifiable standards that are independently validated and audited to be able to guarantee the results of the outcome and to confirm sustainability claims. The independent validation policy of the GSES Platform and the steps towards certification are explained below:


  1. Not validated (self-assessment)
  2. Document validation (desk review) 
  3. Certification (external on-site audit)



Full Member Organizations are free to use the GSES tools to measure and improve their sustainability performance.
Such self-assessments are for internal use only and scores are not visible on the GSES ScoreCard. It is possible to upload documents to prove the sustainability claims. These documents are stored in your own secured virtual safe to be validated or audited.


A Document validation is the same as a “Desk review”. This Document validation is similar to the 1st phase of an external audit.

The Document validation verifies the quality and content of the uploaded evidence.

Conducting a desk review prior to the on-site audit is cost-efficient, as it shortens the time required to perform an on-site audit. Document validations are independently executed by our licensed third-party Document validation partners; Control Union Certifications, KIWA and Plus certificeringen.



All external audits are executed by accredited and licensed Certification Bodies. 
GSES Full Members can request an external audit on the GSES standard (organization and supply chain level) and on the Sustainable Footprint Standard (product/project level).

All audits are performed independently, in compliance with the guidelines of the ISO 17021 and our Code of Conduct.

For an external audit the GSES members will receive a quotation from the chosen Certification Body directly.

Validation & Certification Partners

  • KIWA
  • CPlus certificeringen
  • Control Union Certifications

Organizations are free to suggest their own preferred certification body.


Prices Document validation* (Europe)

The GSES has a transparent pricing structure and aims to keep the validation costs low, in order to make its sustainability tools accessible to SMEs.

  • € 850,- all GSES pillars validated (CSR/CSP/CO2/CE/ H&S)
  • € 250,- single GSES pillar
  • From € 299,- per Sustainable Footprint (depending on the complexity of the product, project, or building)
  • € 850,- BlueScan validation

    * All prices excluding VAT. Prices may be subject to change