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The GSES system is a global standard, a system that measures companies and organizations on sustainable and circular enterprise.


Maritime companies such as Boskalis, Heerema Marine Contractors, Royal IHC and Pon Power had their own method to measure suppliers on sustainable behaviour each year. This lack of uniformity makes it difficult for suppliers. Therefore it was decided to get one solution: an assessment method for sustainability of a supplier. As the Dutch maritime sector applies this more extensively, this effect will affect the entire maritime value chain. BlueScan was officially launched in November 2017.

Sustainable purchasing as a trend

The BlueScan, a digital assessment methodology for the maritime sector, was created in 2017 to arrive at a uniform assessment methodology to make the supply chain within the maritime sector more sustainable. The sector saw how the life cycle of products becomes shorter; chains are less transparent and need to look beyond just cost-saving measures. More than 80% of the chief procurement officers (CPOs) consider sustainable purchasing as a trend.

The GSES system is a global standard, a system that measures companies and organizations on sustainable and circular business and all other facets of sustainability. The National Sustainability Institute of the Netherlands developed the GSES system.
From Bluescan to GSES® The initiators of the BlueScan decided to go one step further: to assurence the validation of the results the BlueScan needed an independent validation and certification institute; this became the National Sustainability Institute of the Netherlands. With the integration of the BlueScan into the GSES®, the tool is carried thru a sector with a lot of sustainability challenges.

For example, GSES / BlueScan helps suppliers of maritime and offshore companies to provide sustainable and circular entrepreneurship with making the steering group transparent. Participants of the GSES® / BlueScan are encouraged to set goals in addition to the process of monitoring sustainability, where they want to stand for 2, 3 and 5 years in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Founding fathers of the BlueScan & members of the GSES® System

  • Boskalis
  • Heerema Marine Contractors
  • Royal IHC
  • Pon Power
  • Theunissen Technical Trading
  • 80/20 Procurement
  • Peterson

This collaboration between large parties from the maritime and offshore sector should ensure that sustainable and circular business practices in this sector become more transparent and accelerate to a higher level. A large number of clients give a number of suppliers a document validation to encourage suppliers to become participants and to make the sector more transparent.

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