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Meet the GSES advisory board

Kelly Ruigrok

Founder & CEO Global Sustainable Enterprise System & Data For Good

Ruud Koornstra

SDG 7 Coördinator - Board member GSES

Enrique Aparicio Torres

Board member GSES

Meet the GSES technical commission

Technical Committee (TC) maintains and (further) develops the GSES standards and submits amendments to the Board of Experts (BoE) as advice with substantiation, the interpretation and/or adjustment of the GSES standards and the procedure for certification.In addition to developers, the TC also includes lead auditors from authorized and accredited certification bodies.

Henk van Raan

Chief Innovation Officer

Gert-Jan Vroege

LCA & Circular Expert

Hans Kröder

ISO/TC 323 Circular Economy - Convenor Working Group 3 'Measuring Circularity'

Cornelis boersma

Health expert

Mariska van dalen

SDG expert


Meet the GSES board of experts

Board of Experts (BoE) is primarily responsible for keeping the GSES standards up-to-date and functions as a point of contact for the certification bodies. The BoE takes decisions on the basis of proposed advice from the TC and submits this as advice to the Board of Directors. The secretariat is in the hands of the NDI.


Sustainability professional on water, biodiversity, inclusion and natural & social, human capital.

Ivana van der Maas

Tax Director | Head of Knowledge | ESG Policy | Sustainability Strategy

Tjerk Suurenbroek

Manager at IRO / Advisory Board DMEC

Guido Braam

Circular Economy expert

Henk Rogers

Founder at Blue Planet Alliance

Stephan Corvers

CEO Corvers Procurement Services, EU expert and Innovation Procureent expert


Meet the GSES ambassadors


Sustainable CEO & retail expert

Reindert Augustijn

Provincie Gelderland & innovation expert

Harm Edens

Sustainability influencer

Annemarije Tillema

Sustainable Brand Index

Supun Nigamuni

Managing Director Control Union Malaysia

Henning von Hoersten

ABB innovation & digitalisation

Karin van IJsselmuide

SDG 12 coordinator

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