National Sustainability Institute (NDI)

The National Sustainability Institute is an independent social enterprise that provides insight into sustainable, circular and social responsible entrepreneurship. The NDI has developed a number of practical tools with which we will make an impact on making our beautiful planet sustainable.

The NDI is in favor of standardization and links the existing certifications, in both generic and complementary solutions – combined with a great external international audits and validation network in 77 countries. The NDI offers a new and accessible tooling set which create a new frame of reference of the sustainability valuation of your sustainability performances on all levels of the organization:

  • The GSES system & online platform – Global Sustainable Enterprise System were every organization can measure their sustainability achievements on international accepted standards. The GSES also consists of Circular, Environmental and Health Footprints for products, projects and buildings. on organizational level, supply chain level, product level.
  • The Global Sustainability MetaStandard, which is an overview of all existing certificates that are third party assessed. If an organization already achieved a certificate they can upload the certificates as an exemption on the Metastandard and the GSES System.
  • The Sustainability Codex, a free accessible register with global sustainability data.