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EU Deforestation Regulation

What is EU Deforestation Regulation?

The new EUDR aims to guarantee that the products EU citizens consume do not contribute to deforestation or forest degradation worldwide.
It aims to do so by promoting the consumption of ‘deforestation-free’ products and reducing the EU’s impact on global deforestation and forest degradation, the new regulation is expected to bring down greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss.

Key points of note

  • Applies to key commodities like palm oil, timber, coffee, cocoa etc., and extends to products derived from these commodities.
  • Companies must ensure products are deforestation-free since December 31, 2020.
  • Mandates due diligence, risk assessment, and transparency in supply chains.
  • Includes penalties (up to 4% of company turnover) for non-compliance, impacting EU and non-EU businesses.
  • Aims to reduce carbon emissions and protect biodiversity.
  • Effectiveness starts from December 2024, with phased applications for different enterprise sizes.


Comprehensive Approach
GSES's Sustainable Procurement pillar aligns with EUDR's due diligence requirements, compliance efficiency.
Risk Management
GSES helps identify and mitigate sustainability risks across the supply chain, a key component of EUDR compliance.
Data Verification
GSES provides verified sustainability data, aiding in the EUDR's demand for transparent and deforestation- free supply chains.
Supplier Engagement
Through GSES, companies can engage suppliers on sustainability, thereby ensuring EUDR compliance up the supply chain.
Reporting and Monitoring
GSES's platform offers tools for monitoring and reporting sustainability metrics, supporting EUDR's transparency mandates.
Global Standards Alignment
GSES aligns with global sustainability standards, facilitating adherence to EUDR while promoting broader sustainability goals.
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EUDR X GSES- Alignment with pillars

Utilizing GSES can streamline the process of EUDR compliance, particularly in sustainable procurement practices, while advancing overall sustainability objectives. The following is a high-level overview of the GSES pillar and its alignment with the EUDR

EU Deforestation Regulation and GSES Products Module

  • The product module provides an overview of the sustainability performance of all products, including those that contain controlled commodities (palm oil, timber, coffee, cocoa) under the EUDR
  • Bills of Materials of products are third-party verified; enabling a risk analysis by providing the portfolio of products that may be subject to due diligence through the EUDR
  • Sustainability certifications attached to these commodities and derived products are third-party validated, and can facilitate an easy overview of all the products and their associated materials of risk.   
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