What Our Clients Say
Karin van Ijsselmuide | NEVI photo

Karin van Ijsselmuide | NEVI

CSR Program Director
The GSES System is very useful for procurement professionals, for example, to be able to make sustainable choices for the right suppliers and products.
Jan Oosterbeek | Ecopoint photo

Jan Oosterbeek | Ecopoint

Key Account Manager
I see the GSES system as a platform in which socially conscious people want to make a difference. By joining the GSES system We want to find new partners and create transparency and visibility for our safe and sustainable concepts. That is why we joined the GSES system.
Eelco Smit | Philips photo

Eelco Smit | Philips

Sustainability Director
This new calculation method helps to further develop our policy. So we know exactly how many grams of copper, steel and plastic are in our MRI scanners, where this comes from and how much of it has been recycled.
Job Beeckmans | IFS (International Food Services) photo

Job Beeckmans | IFS (International Food Services)

Business Development Manager
To make the sustainable aspect of our bussines transparent, IFS has joined the GSES System. This is an overarching sustainability tool with which our own organization and suppliers are tested for sustainability KPI’s in different fields. This allows us to make it clear to our costumer how we work, it is not about the food itself but also about the sustainability of the packaging and of the supply chain.
Dingeman de Groot | Peterson photo

Dingeman de Groot | Peterson

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the world, not only now, but even more in the future as there are more and more opportunities arising from sustainable entrepreneurship. We at Peterson recognize our position within the supply chain and GSES makes the perfect platform to jumpstart sustainable change within the maritime sector and develop new sustainable business relationships. We want to help our numerous suppliers and customers to have insight in their sustainable performance and work towards a transparent supply chain.
Tjerk Suurenbroek | IRO photo

Tjerk Suurenbroek | IRO

Business Development Manager
As a trade association within the offshore energy industry we take corporate responsibility very serious. It is therefore that IRO has been a strong supporter and advocate of GSES and its purpose. From the start we have seen many offshore companies joining GSES as they see the true value of this platform for both their companies and our planet.
John Beelen | Wear2Go photo

John Beelen | Wear2Go

We believe in sustainability with circularity as the main goal. Greenwashing is no longer sufficient; prove it. Show it transparently and leave the choice to the customer. The GSE® System is a great tool and will certainly help accelerate sustainable contributions.
Evert Hamblok | Koppert photo

Evert Hamblok | Koppert

Manager Regulatory Affairs
The vision and mission of Koppert are the basis for our definition of sustainability and the main drivers for our desire to reduce our impact on the environment. To be successful in our ambitions, we need to measure our impact and report on it. We collaborate with GSES as they are experts in sustainability standards and reporting and have developed an interesting approach and platform to showcase sustainability performance of organizations similar to ours. GSES methods and standards are in line with our needs. They also keep track of the performance on SDGs. GSES help us to put sustainability measurements in place based on our current sustainability KPIs. In this regard, we will be collaborating on a research project defining new methodologies, standards and tools for our new sustainability KPIs.