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GSES Testimonials

The Royal Boon Edam

At Boon Edam, sustainability is in our DNA, even though it’s not explicitly in our mission. With 150 years of history, we’re committed to quality, safety, and customer experience, and sustainability is integral to our renowned energy-saving revolving doors. Our partnership with GSES has been vital to achieving CSRD compliance by 2030. Their platform simplifies sustainability data, giving us a clear path forward.

Boon Edam decided to use the Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES) to ‘present’ our Sustainability Performance. For our entire company (enterprise) and for our Supply Chain. This system was chosen because it has external validation rather than internal. To make our efforts visible, we require our Suppliers to provide us with sufficient information. Using GSES, once information is in GSES, other users can see it. It can be used for other suppliers/customers besides Boon Edam. 

We’re not just aiming for compliance; we’re dedicated to improving across various sustainability pillars, including sustainable procurement. Safety, customer well-being, and transparency are our priorities. With GSES, we’re not just measuring; we’re actively enhancing our sustainability. Join us on our transformative journey toward a cleaner, greener future.

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