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Verify Your GreenTech Innovation with the GSES ETV Module

Discover the GSES Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Module, designed to measure and verify the environmental claims of innovative technologies. Elevate your technology’s credibility through third-party validation.

Ready to be sustainable?

Introducing the GSES ESG Dashboard

GSES proudly presents the Technology ESG Dashboard, tailored for technology users. This comprehensive tool offers an in-depth view of validated technology claims, ETV verification reports, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) scores on an organisational level.

ETV with ISO 14034: A Global Standard for GreenTech Measurement

At GSES, we employ the ETV ISO 14034 standard to assess technologies. Recognized as the sole global standard for measuring green technologies, ISO 14034:2016 Environmental Management — Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) was published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in November 2016.

Understanding ISO 14034 ETV GSES ESG Dashboard

ETV serves as a quality-assured process that offers independent confirmation of environmental technology performance through objective evidence. It accomplishes this by:

  • Supporting informed decision-making.
  • Enhancing the demonstration, deployment, and market acceptance of technology-based solutions.

Principles Guiding Accurate Verifications and Reporting

Three fundamental principles ensure accurate and meaningful verifications:

  1. Flexibility: Enables specification of relevant performance parameters and test methods.
  2. Credibility: Ensures reliable performance data through robust, quality-assured test procedures.
  3. Transparency: Provides clear, complete, and objective assessment of evidence and verification results in reports.

Addressing Environmental Challenges

Innovative environmental technologies offer solutions to specific environmental challenges, including:

  • Pollution prevention, control, and remediation.
  • Efficient use of resources, including recovery and recycling.
  • Climate change resiliency, adaptation, and mitigation.
  • Environmental monitoring and surveillance.

Unbiased Account of Environmental Performance

ETV offers a credible, impartial account of technology performance that contributes to environmental objectives through:

  • Specific, quantifiable environmental benefits (e.g., technologies with reduced adverse impacts).
  • Superior measurement of environmental impacts (e.g., environmental monitoring and surveillance technologies).

The Power of ISO 14034 ETV

ISO 14034 ETV is especially effective in verifying technologies with innovative features or technical/environmental benefits not fully covered by existing product standards.

Discover the GSES ETV Module and elevate your GreenTech innovation to new heights of credibility and acceptance.

How to procure innovative green technologies in public tenders with the use of ETV?

Guidance on the use of Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) to support Green Public Procurement and Innovation Procurement.

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