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Business Sustainability management: supply chain, best practices and tools

The training provides an overview of regulations, current trends, UN Sustainable Goals principles and certificates applicable to organisations that want to improve their Sustainability Reporting, develop and implement a Corporate Social Responsibility policy and meet guidelines for CSR-d.

It takes you through smart solutions and best practices that help your organisation to measure own social and environmental impact, as well as measure and rate the impact of the entire supply chain.

You will get an introduction to GSES – an efficient tool to get insights into performance of your organisation and your suppliers, gain transparency and input for your ESG reporting.

Amongst the topics the training covers are:
Relevant current initiatives and regulations, Ecolabels and standards, Corporate Social Responsibility, Biodiversity, Circular Economy, CO2 and GHG protocol,
Measuring and reporting, Sustainable procurement
and an action plan.

For members

€805,- p.p

Exclusive of VAT – Per person – Lunch included

For members

€805,- p.p

Exclusive of VAT – Per person – Lunch included


English and Dutch


Karin van IJsselmuide

Who should attend?

Anyone who deals with sustainability issues within an organisation will benefit from this training: from marketing professionals to purchasing department staff and CEO’s.

Businesses, NGO’s and public sector are all welcome.

In particular, this training is useful for sustainability managers and coordinators, project managers, policy advisors and officers, procurement professionals, purchasing managers and staff of organisations using GSE

Why choose this training?

As a cross-sectoral CSR and sustainability rating system covering the entire supply chain, GSES is the expert in regulations and best practices. With more than 550 internationally recognised quality marks and certifications in one overarching system, it aids organisations in making sustainable choices and improving their ESG processes and CSR reporting.

Not only has GSES up-do-date knowledge of relevant regulations and tools, but it understands first-hand the needs and challenges of businesses and public sector in measuring and implementing ESG strategies.

Learning Outcomes

After the training you:

know what the main aspects of sustainability are

have learnt what sustainable initiatives, regulations and issues require addressing

are aware of challenges that organisations face with measuring of and reporting on sustainability, and seen examples of best practices and practical solutions

have gained insights in how GSES can contribute to making organisations more sustainable

have learnt what sustainable initiatives, regulations and issues require addressing

can make your own action plan


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