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A sustainable and green future for the Dutch airline industry has just come one step closer to becoming a reality. The Royal Schiphol Group, responsible for all major airports in the Netherlands, joined the rapidly growing Systems (GSES) network.

The Sustainable Procurement market is overwhelmed with hundreds of Ecolabels using different parameters and criteria.

Dutch entrepreneur Kelly Ruigrok and her team created a new, independently verified measuring system where (purchasing) organisations use the same approach and one language to enforce a green transition.

From a global perspective, the signing up of a considerable international entity like the Royal Schiphol Group is a significant step forward for the system, Ruigrok and her team pioneered. “It also confirmed that we are on the right path to ensure the best results for sustainable change in the supply chain. In the end, that is what counts.”

Florian Oosterman, the Sustainable Procurement Lead at Schiphol Airport, explained that the choice of GSES was natural after he spoke to various parties in the market and compared available measurement systems. Oosterman is responsible for all public tenders and contracts between partners and suppliers and judges the sustainability of every agreement.

Besides owning  Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam/The Hague Airport, and Lelystad Airport, the Group owns a substantial share of Eindhoven Airport.

“Schiphol’s goal is to create the most sustainable airport in the world, which is primarily about its assets and operation. A crucial part of this is that a lot of chain partners and suppliers (the entire ecosystem) can also significantly contribute here, ” Oosterman said.

“Now that the contract with GSES has been signed, we will gradually onboard all our suppliers to measure the entire chain for sustainability. In addition, it contributes to being compliant with the new EU legislation”, he added. “I see it as an opportunity for Schiphol and its suppliers: measuring is knowing.”

Florian Oosterman, from the Schiphol Group, expects much success from using the independent procurement measurement system of GSES. Oosterman: “Together we can encourage the chain to become more sustainable, which will benefit us all.”

The core mission of the Royal Schiphol Group is to establish the world’s most sustainable and high-quality airports. By doing so, they envision facilitating international trade, tourism, and knowledge exchange, while providing top-tier aviation infrastructure and air transport services for passengers and cargo. Their dedication to these ideals showcases a firm commitment to a more sustainable future.

The partnership with GSES symbolises a powerful collaboration, uniting two entities deeply dedicated to environmental responsibility. By leveraging the capabilities of the GSES, the Royal Schiphol Group aims to not only improve the sustainability of their own operations but also contribute to the broader objective of creating a more environmentally friendly aviation industry.

“We are beyond proud to share with the world that the Royal Schiphol Group is now a member of the GSES – Global Sustainable Enterprise System,” said Kelly Ruigrok, Founder of GSES. “Their proactive stance and commitment to sustainability are commendable, and we are excited to work together in our shared mission to foster a greener future.”

This partnership marks a significant stride forward, one that brings together the Royal Schiphol Group’s vision for sustainability and the GSES’s expertise in promoting environmentally conscious practices. Together, they aim to set new standards for the aviation sector, ushering in a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

As we embark on this exciting journey towards a greener future, the Royal Schiphol Group’s partnership with GSES serves as an inspiring example for the aviation industry at large. Let us unite and forge a path towards sustainability, one that not only benefits the present but also leaves a positive legacy for generations to come.

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