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At Xenos, our pursuit centers on establishing a robust framework. This endeavor is driven by multiple compelling reasons. Foremost, it empowers our buyers with the means to seamlessly monitor their advancements on this transformative journey. Witnessing the tangible strides made within their product and category evolution is undeniably gratifying. Simultaneously, this endeavor extends its benefits to our valued suppliers. Our collaborative emphasis is on fostering open dialogues, facilitating their integration into this inherently positive trajectory. We endeavor to impart the understanding that our collective aim transcends mere plastic reduction; instead, we aspire to elevate and enhance, contributing to a more splendid world.

This undertaking also significantly contributes to our clients’ experience. Our commitment to transparency finds expression in elucidating a product’s functionality and its ecological footprint. Our progression commenced with the introduction of the Nature Impact Rating last year, followed by the integration of the GSES – an acronym denoting the Global Sustainable Enterprise System. This independent, comprehensive information ecosystem imparts global patrons with insights into the sustainability dimensions of all products. A noteworthy facet within the Nature Impact Rating is its incorporation of over 560 worldwide eco-labels and certifications – an impressive compilation that warrants contemplation.

Emanating from this pivotal point, our collaboration with GSES embarked upon its journey last year.

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Download here: Xenos Case Study  (click to download)


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