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Capgemini first IT participant of the GSES System

Capgemini first IT participant of the GSES System

Capgemini Netherlands is the first IT participant of the GSES System.
Capgemini’s renewed CSR strategy ‘Architects of Positive Futures’ focuses around environmental sustainability, digital inclusion and diversity. This strategy also includes a global Ethics & Compliance program as well as a Responsible Procurement Program.

Capgemini’s approach is aligned with and respects all national and international laws and regulations, such as the fundamental conventions on labor standards of the International Labor Organization, the principles of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the OECD guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. This approach is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Capgemini endorses the UN Global Compact, the UN Global Caring for Climate initiative, and the Women’s Empowerment Principles.

As a provider of consultancy, technology and Digital services, Capgemini Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility runs across key areas where our activity has a clear and direct impact: creating a diverse and inclusive work environment, thus enabling
our people to fully develop professionally and bring the best value to our clients, reducing our impact on the environment and helping clients to reduce their impact, and contributing to the development of the societies in which we operate with our
specific capabilities and skills.

The implementation of the global strategy varies for each country in which Capgemini operates. In the Netherlands Capgemini has developed a structural approach on this topic since 2006. This has led e.g. to ISO14001 certification in 2009 and Level 5 certification on the CO2 Performance Ladder since 2016. Regarding gender diversity, we are working on EDGE certification in 2018.


“The ambition of NDI to support worldwide sustainable business with GSES matches our ambitious Architects of Positive Futures strategy. It also gives us the opportunity to extend the recognition for our CSR approach to our digital inclusion and responsible procurement programs and supports us with our circular business development. At the same time, all current certificates are acknowledged by GSES so there is no duplication of efforts.” comments Annelies Hermens, Group Lead Environmental at Capgemini.

“We are pleased to welcome Capgemini as participant of our international overarching system. The system aims to provide transparancy in every sector on national and international level and with Capgemini we are making a great start in the IT sector!” Thus Kelly Ruigrok of the National Sustainability Institute.

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