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Anne-Marie Rakhorst as moderator for the Sustainable Globalization 18 event

Anne-Marie Rakhorst as moderator for the Sustainable Globalization 18 event

Introducing Your host for the Sustainable Globalization 2018 event: Anne-Marie Rakhorst. Anne-Marie will host the program of the Sustainable Globalization 2018 in the Netherlands and will guide you thru the sizzling program with international keynote speakers.

The SG18 is organized by the NDI on the 9th of October in the Netherlands and Singapore. for more information and tickets.

Anne-Marie is an entrepreneur, investor and publicist in the field of sustainability. She is owner and initiator of the independent platform and of ’17 doelen die je deelt’ (the 17 goals you share), an initiative that introduces the Sustainable Development Goals to the people of the Netherlands. Before that, Anne-Marie started up the successful company Search Ingenieursbureau.

In the past years, she has published various books, such as Geld stuurt de wereld; jij bepaalt de koers (translation: Money rules the world; you determine the direction), a quest on our way to sustainable investing. She gives lectures on a regular basis and is asked for her opinion in the media regarding (circular) entrepreneurship, the Sustainable Developement Goals en sustainable investing. Anne-Marie is actively engaged in different boards and initiatives like Koning Willem I Prijs, Human Cities Coalition, Transitieagenda Consumptiegoederen (circular economy), SDG Charter, MVO Nederland and Slum Dwellers International.

In 2000, Anne-Marie was awarded Businesswoman of the Year. From that moment onwards, she became a popular speaker for conferences and events in which the themes circular entrepreneurship, sustainable (urban) environment, energy transition, the Sustainable Development Goals, innovation and sustainable investing play an important role. She is also asked for her opinion on these topics in the media frequently.

In order to share her knowledge with a broad audience, she wrote the books:

Geld stuurt de wereld – Jij bepaalt de koers (about social responsible investing)
De kracht van duurzaam veranderen (about sustainable organizational change) 
Nieuwe Energie – Nederland na het fossiele tijdperk (about renewable energy)
De winst van duurzaam bouwen (about sustainable building) 
Duurzaam herbestemmen kàn (about sustainable reallocation)
Duurzaam ontwikkelen… een wereldkans (about sustainable development) 

She also published the Dutch translation of Michael Braungarts and William McDonoughs bestsellers Cradle to Cradle and The Upcycle.

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