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Santas Koffie is a circular company from 1988, now they became member of GSES System

Santas Koffie is a circular company from 1988, now they became member of GSES System

Both people and the environment are of paramount importance at Santas Koffie. Not only in word but also in deed. Santas Koffie has been a trusted employer in Rotterdam for years. Good employment practices are an important core value for Santas Koffie. By supporting courses and training courses they offer employees the opportunity to develop and grow where possible. Also for people with a distance to the labor market, there is room at Santas Koffie. When it comes to environment; they use sustainable and even circular packaging methods and comply with various certificates. Santas Koffie uses these certificates as exemptions on the GSES System.
Santas manages the craft from purchasing and quality control to the burning, meringing and cupping of the coffees. These activities are carried out entirely in-house. Everything with the ultimate goal; to get the best out of the product. In addition, they go a step further. We also offer opportunities for maintenance, service, training and advice. This allows you to independently present a sustainable coffee product that you are proud of.

Willem van Leeuwen, Santas Koffie comments: “We operate from the heart of the port of Rotterdam and are located in the monumental building; the Departures Hall Oranjelijn. In addition to our primary craft, we also try to take care of people & the environment. We are of course Fairtrade (Max Havelaar), Bio (Skal) and CSR certified. But from our conviction that sustainability goes beyond certification, we already took the initiative in 1988 to stop using plastic and foil disposable packaging for our coffees. We therefore introduced a unique & durable return packaging; the very strong coffee tin. With this we strive to create as little waste as possible. Not only in word, but also in deed thanks to our tangible & sustainable return packaging concept. By participating in the GSES System, we are looking at where we can grow even more and what results we have achieved so far in concrete terms on this overarching international sustainability standard.”

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