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GSES Quickscan Launched!

GSES Quickscan Launched!

22 Smart Questions, 4 Sustainability Themes, 1 Overarching Scorecard, 1 Database

The GSES System

The GSES System is an overarching sustainable metastandard that covers al facets of sustainable entrepreneurship. The GSES System consists of 4 pillars on organizational and supply chain level and 3 Pilars on product level. The GSES System provides an online platform were all organizations in the world can measure and target their sustainability achievements by the GSES Sustainable Metastandard and the GSES assessments.

How it works

The GSES consists of 3 Organization assessments:

  • GSES Quickscan
  • Sustainability Issue Scan (results in the SDG Index)
  • GSES Origin (map the product location of suppliers)
  • And 4 Expert assessments.
  • CSR Pillar extended
  • SRP Pillar extended
  • CO2 Pillar extended
  • CE Pillar extended

The Organization assessments are completed by the organization itself. The Expert assessments are the underlying standards of the 4 sustainability pillars on organizational and supply chain level. The Expert assessments are fulfilled by the auditor/ reviewer by validation of the Organization assessments.

GSES Quickscan

As an organization you start with the GSES Quickscan. The GSES Quickscan measures on organizational level and requests to upload files on sustainability policy and achievements, certificates the organization already has, environmental policy, CoC, supplier policy etc. With the GSES Quickscan it is very easy to get insight in your sustainability performances and to target these! (

GSES DIY Handbook

If your organization has no sustainability policy, no worries! With the GSES handbook you have enough knowledge based on 4 international ISO & BS standards and the best reporting systems in the world like GRI and ISO High Level Structure to create a stunning sustainability roadmap and policy yourself. Bring sustainability to life in your organization with the GSES System!

Sustainability Scorecard

If your organization completed the GSES Quick-scan and received a validation the scorecard can be published (by choice). On the scorecard you can see the sustainability achievements, the score on the GSES Sustainable Metastandard, the SDG Organization Index and the existing certificates and initiatives of the organization. The Sustainability Scorecard can be used for marketing purposes, in tenders and for clients/ consumers to show how green and transparant the organization really is.

Sustainability Codex

The Codex is the international sustainability database for organizations and products. Every organization that is a GSES member and has a validated Sustainability Scorecard can also choose to publish their scorecard in the Sustainability Codex!

Selection of GSES Members

Capgemini, Philips, Groenendijk Bedrijfskleding, Oxious, Royal IHC, HMC Heerema, Bayards, IFS, Navingo, IRO, Enviu, Santas Koffie, CiroPack, Boskalis, Greenchoice, Science of Apparel, Aiaca, SGS Search, Royal Haskoning DHV, Virtuprove, Panterra Consultants, SUB, Circular Asia, Impacthub Stockholm, IsaOra, BBM, Peterson, 8020 Procurement, Control Union Certifications, Wear2Go etc. (

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GSES Office

Hofplein 20, 3032 AC,
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

T: +31 (0) 850 603 039


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