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GSES is now launched in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to help the Gulf Region to become more sustainable through a great GSES partner network

GSES is now launched in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to help the Gulf Region to become more sustainable through a great GSES partner network.

The Global Sustainable Enterprise System GSES® – organization level is an international sustainability standard for organizations initiated by a private tech start-up from the Netherlands, based on the best international accepted and used ISO standards. The system supports entrepreneurs and contracting authorities in taking steps towards sustainability. With GSES organizations can measure their KPI’s in the area of CSR, Sustainable Procurement, CO2 reduction, Health & Safety and the circular economy. The system is based on the ISO high level structure, GRI and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN are also integrated. Each of the building blocks of GSES can be obtained as a partial certificate.

In extension of the GSES Standard on organizational level, GSES has a three-stage generic product/project certification which measures products/projects, buildings & raw materials across different sectors. With the Sustainable Footprint Standard GSES offers a global solution for the generic measurement of products/projects, buildings & raw materials. The Sustainable Footprint Standard measures on 3 pillars: Circular, Environmental & Health.

GSES in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

GSES in the Netherlands and EIN enterprise in the UAE have entered into a partnership to make the GSES platform available in the UAE and the Gulf Region. EIN enterprise is a high level niche player for innovation and business development, present throughout the Gulf since 2005. The company has been active in the industrial sectors of the Gulf, as well as healthcare and construction, with sustainability and leading digitalisation as key themes.

EIN enterprise has been operating the Dutch Energy Solutions cluster since 2009. Transforming through innovation offers opportunities for increased collaboration to enhance sustainability in the Gulf Region, followed by a transforming impact on the global supply chains.

The UAE and the Gulf Region as initiators for a true global impact on sustainability

The Global Sustainability Enterprise System (GSES) is an inspiration and a method for each company in the region, independent of sector or size, to become more sustainable. Moreover GSES enables the national energy companies and other large conglomerates to strengthen their work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) internally, and especially offers them the opportunity to become a true change agent in transforming entire local and global supply chains. In this way the UAE and the Gulf Region can create a true global impact on sustainability.

“It also helps that we have many leading maritime companies as GSES member that already have clients and suppliers in the Gulf Region. We think of Peterson Offshore, Heerema Marine Contractors, Van Oord and SEM Project Support as some references. On the other hand is it the support of an established local partner like EIN enterprise and its affiliates that enables GSES to reach its potentially massive impact, creating a new reference for sustainability and support of the SDG’s.” Kelly Ruigrok, Global Sustainable Enterprise System.

GSES certification bodies in the UAE

The certifying bodies in the UAE are performing external (third party) audits for organizations that want to be GSES certified.

For more information please contact:

Mr Andre Vreman, Managing Partner, EIN enterprise,

GSES Headquarters

ND Institute
Westblaak 180
3012 KN Rotterdam, The Netherlands
T +31 85 301 1668

GSES / Dubai / UAE – Gulf Region

EIN enterprise Ltd
Fairmont Suite #712, Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
T +971 4 304 2557

GSES / Abu Dhabi / UAE

EIN General Trading & Services LLC
Al Neem Tower, 3rd Floor, Khalifa Street
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
T +971 2 222 2440

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GSES Office

Hofplein 20, 3032 AC,
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