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GSE System is global leader on sustainability ratings and corporate governance

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GSE System is based on international sustainability standards that covers: CSR, CO2, Sustainable Procurement, Circular Economy, Health & Safety, like the GSE Standard. GSE System measures on; standard level, organization level, supply chain level, product/project level.

The GSE System:

  • An online platform to measure sustainability achievements on international accepted standards
  • The tool can measure on organizational, supply-chain and product level
  • The Global Sustainable MetaStandard® is an overview of all sustainability achievements
  • Applicable for all sectors, from SME up to multinationals
  • Independent assessments and audits by certification bodies (77 countries)
  • For Private and Public organizations
  • Target, monitor and report on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals UN)
  • Online product/project cards
  • Online system for companies and governments
  • Objectively measuring sustainability International criteria
  • Clear information
  • For purchasing, tendering & marketing

GSES covers a wide range of international measure tools for sustainability like ISO 26000, ISO 20400, ISO 14064-1, ISO 50001, ISO 45001, BS 8001, DSG’s, LCA certification, Circular footprint, Building level, Raw materials, Product & Process level, Organizational level, Supply chain level, External audits by CI’s, Bill of Materials.

The Methodology
Global Sustainable Enterprise System® (GSE System®) is among other things based on the GSE Standard® – the global overarching sustainability standard based on existing international standards, is managed by a wide international range of experts, stakeholder industries and the National Sustainability Institute of the Netherlands. Discover the standards:

Maritime and Offshore sector
GSE System is often used by members from the offshore and maritime industry. IRO endorses GSE System for their members and companies like Van Oord, Heerema Marine Contractors, IFS and many others that have joined the GSE System already. For example Van Oord is not only measuring their own sustainability achievements but also the achievements and transparency of their suppliers.

Key Features

  • Risk management: Better understanding of the relationship between the company’s corporate governance practices and the potential risks that these practices pose for the company’s financial success.
  • Procurement tool: The GSE System platform can be used as a procurement tool. The Supplier functionality on the online platform gives every participant the opportunity to invite and rank suppliers on standardized and internationally accepted sustainability themes. GSE System helps to give the insights you need to make better informed decisions. We help buyers to find the right suppliers, manage their relationships and enjoy increased levels of visibility and control over their entire supply chain.
  • High quality data: Rely on a secure and stable service with consistent, high-quality data.
  • Internal oversight:Improve internal oversight, helping to ensure compliance.
  • Comparability: Absolute ratings enable comparability across industries and companies at both the overall ESG and issue-specific risk levels.

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