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New partnership signed between GSES System and Trackcol

New partnership signed between GSES System and Trackcol for tracking and tracing of shipments, including sustainability and circular economy KPI’s.

GSES System is an online platform measuring sustainability on company, project and product level. The GSES platform gives you insights on how good your supply chain is performing in terms of sustainability and circular economy.

Trackcol is an innovative smart logistics platform that makes supply chains transparent. The Trackcol platform gives you near real-time insights about the conditions of your supply chain by connecting different types of affordable IoT trackers (with sensors) to your physical shipments. With these data insights, you can bring your supply chain to the next level and can proactively improve the quality of your products, reduce your costs and improve your customer experience.

We are on a mission to reduce global waste and make supply chains more transparent. Together we are stronger and can have more impact on reducing global waste. More information? Reach out to us and we are happy to tell you more. More information will follow soon


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