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Global Sustainable Partnership between GSES System & Koppert Biological Systems

We are very proud to announce a Global Sustainable Partnership between GSES System and Koppert Biological Systems.

Solutions from nature itself. That is Koppert Biological Systems specialty. Together with growers and in collaboration with nature, they are committed to make agricultural and horticultural products healthier, safer, more productive and resilient. They achieve this by using natural enemies and microorganisms to combat pests and diseases, bumblebees for natural pollination, and biostimulants for healthy and resilient plants!

Koppert is using the GSES System to measure their sustainability impact, monitor their corporate governance and involving stakeholders in the process.

In collaboration, GSES System and Koppert Biological Systems are also researching all existing product certificates, guidelines and labels that are applicable on their product portfolio to come up with a workable and independently standardized meta standard for products.

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