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GSES Meta Standard adopted new certificates & labels

GSES Meta Standard adopted new certificates and labels for rating products & projects: Green Seal, Well Building Standard from the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), OEKO-TEX® Standar 100 & Made in Green, Energy Star, Responsible Wool Standard, BREEAM and many many more!

The GSES Meta Standard for products & projects is an overarching ESG rating standard that is based on standards & certificates. This means that the GSES rewards organizations for certifications they already achieved and give them an ESG rating on product level or on project level.

The GSES system uses 1st and 2nd line exemptions. First-line exemptions are certificates that have been audited and issued by an independent certification body that is supervised by an Accreditation Council in the country where it is established.

2nd line exemptions needs to be checked by presenting extra data and audit reports due to the reason that they are not audited by independent certification institutions.

Go to the link or scan the QR code in the image below to find out more and view all certificates aligned!

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