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Welcome HITEC-ROAD as a new GSES System Member

HITEC Road re-invents the road to more sustainable infrastructure worldwide

Imagine all infrastructure such as roads, motorways, railway lines, runways, and industrial parks being constructed in 70% less time, reducing negative environmental impact and operating at a 30% cost reduction.

“The global infrastructure market instantly frees up valuable resources that can be re-directed to co-construct purposeful projects elsewhere…”
Ankie Kamstra, CEO, HITEC Road

As a global sustainable company, HITEC Road commits to circular values. Offering global partners a transparent roadmap and opportunity to co-create a better future. One responsible structure and partnership at a time. Together.   HITEC Road improves the constructive qualities that future infrastructure demands by combining existing components and materials. HITEC-Novocrete® Technology is made of natural minerals and bonds well with all types of surfaces. With this approach, HITEC Road saves materials throughout the supply chain and production process, leading projects to clear, measurable and innovative results.

In the face of global change, HITEC Road offers partners a high quality and forward-thinking product that changes the way we construct our future. Literally.   HITEC is a family legacy, rapidly expanding from it’s Dutch base in Rotterdam. With representation already reaching to many parts of the world, HITEC sets out to co-create infrastructure worldwide with an ambitious approach and impressive traction to date.

“The values, vision and knowledge paid forward by my grandfather, now directs the HITEC compass. Aligning perfectly with the global challenges we face, I am proud that my understanding of the past so clearly paves the road to the future. And that I am able to add my own authenticity in order to expand HI-TEC to be the sustainable success we envisioned when he was still around. Together with reputable partners, we take steps to construct the ideas we truly believe in…” — Ankie Kamstra.

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