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GSES System on Sustainable Procurement Tech Landscape Map from Digital Procurement World

We are proud to be part of the new Sustainable Procurement Technology Landscape Map, put together by Digital Procurement World (DPW). This is a map of organizations that get and take responsibility to drive sustainability for organizations forward, a map of organizations that “pave the way for the future of procurement”.

DPW is built to bring emerging tech into procurement and to drive new ideas, products and business models into the procurement industry. They are bringing together a diverse network of startup founders, investors, executives from the world’s most successful technology and advisory firms, business leaders and academia to collaboratively tackle industry-wide challenges.

The aim of the landscape map is to compile technologies across the sustainable procurement category, and to provide an overview of the different solutions.

We are thrilled to be recognized by DPW, and to be mentioned in this map over organizations being at the forefront when it comes to sustainability, supplier transparency and technology. Out of five categories, GSES System is listed as a “Enterprise Sustainability Management-solution, which means data integration of internal processes and operations to assess and analyse internal and suppliers sustainability performance in defined metrics as a basis to derive improvement measures”.

Check out the Sustainable Procurement Technology Landscape Map to learn more.

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