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Sustainable and Social Accountability Act backed up by GSES

The ESG rating platform, the Global Sustainable Enterprise System a.k.a. GSES, is supporting and facilitating companies in their journeys towards green compliance. This year’s New York Fashion Week reminded the fashion industry that they also have a role to play in reducing humans’ impact on the planet. More precisely, New York lawmakers introduced the Fashion Sustainable and Social Accountability Act just a few weeks before Fashion Week. Now, this shows the current momentum certain government officials are trying to push for. The world needs more of these government officials. More importantly, this Act proves to many companies that everyone, across industries, must mitigate its environmental impact. 

Still, not all companies have joined the green movement. Yes, ESG is trendy and so are sustainability reports; but, meaningful information on a company’s footprint and overall performance is still missing for many corporations. For the companies still showcasing unverified data on their sustainable performances, the GSES has created an automated platform which holistically represents a company’s sustainability performances. Those performance results are entirely verified by third parties who are certifications institutes and accreditation holders. Our members can be certain of their impact and make an actual change based on legitimate data. 

The GSES platform helps companies achieve their ESG related goals, as well as ensuring that they remain up-to-date with the laws and regulations which their business must obey. It is an easy solution, which any company, of any size, can join. Beyond helping companies, GSES has joined forces with the Blue Planet Alliance to bring their solution to the consumers. The Blue Planet Alliance Rating System Powered by GSES enables consumers to extract the information they want to make the best.

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