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Wibra becomes more sustainable with GSES sustainability rating


Wibra made its supply chain and organization transparent with the international

sustainability rating of GSES, the Global Sustainable Enterprise System. This system brings together hundreds of sustainability labels and standards in one universal assessment for manufacturers, suppliers and (end) users. This overarching standard measures at organization and product level through the Nature Impact Rating. The GSES and the Nature Impact Rating will become part of Wibra’s Conscious program, with which the retailer brings sustainability, affordability and transparency closer together.


“We are proud of this new partnership with Wibra,” says Kelly Ruigrok, CEO of GSES and founder of the National Sustainability Institute. She continues: “We find that we provide value to the industry. Wibra would like to provide customers with more clarity about how budget customers can also shop “safely” and informed.


Online and offline

Wibra will introduce the GSES standard for sustainability both online and offline. This means that customers can see at a glance how sustainable the products in the assortment from Wibra are from the beginning of 2023, both in the stores and in the webshop.


Wibra explains the choice for GSES: “At Wibra we are working hard on sustainability with our Well-conscious program. That doesn’t work overnight, but by continuously taking small steps we bring affordability and sustainability closer together. We find it very important to be transparent. Sustainability is a complex theme, but we want to do it right and, above all, be honest with the customer about what is already going well and where we think there are still areas for improvement. It’s about transparency and the customer’s feeling that he/she can shop with us safely and consciously. The GSES sustainability rating fits well with our goals for fair and safe production of sustainable products and a smaller footprint.” said Wibra.


Consciously with each other

Wibra looks at this generation as well as the next. By working together with agents, suppliers, staff, customers and other specialists, Wibra is working hard to make the greatest possible sustainable impact. Those collaborations are important to GSES. With one international sustainability standard for more than 110 countries, the company is making an impact worldwide.


About GSES

Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES) operates in more than 110 countries, combines more than 560 sustainability labels and has more than 70,000 active customers. The sustainability platform works for, among others, Xenos, Wibra, ABN AMRO, Univé and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


GSES measures companies, products, events, projects and supply chains with 1 overarching platform. The collaboration between GSES and UCSL, Control Union, KIWA, Audit Independer and TMS guarantees the independent validation of, for example, CSR, circularity, CO2 reduction and biodiversity. GSES launched the Nature Impact Rating for products in Europe in September 2022 with Xenos as the first mover in the retail sector.

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