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Clipper Interall is the first to embrace new universal sustainability label for promotional gifts

Clipper Interall is the first to embrace new universal sustainability label for promotional gifts

Clipper Interall is partnering with GSES, the company behind the first universal andglobal sustainability standard.

Rotterdam – Clipper Interall is investing in clarity about sustainability. To that end the importer and supplier of promotional gifts and products will work with GSES, the Global Sustainable Enterprise System. GSES offers a universal and sustainability standard, encompassing on hundreds of sustainability labels and standards for manufacturers, suppliers and (end) users.
“Clipper Interall is committed to offering promotional products with a minimal negative environmental impact. Those products are produced according to strict ethical standards and meet the highest European safety standards,” says Ruben van ‘t Loo, Director at Clipper Interall. “The partnership with GSES allows us to have our collection independently assessed on the sustainability criteria that are important to us.”

GSES is proud of the new partnership, explains CEO and founder Kelly Ruigrok: “It is the first major importer and supplier of promotional products to select our sustainability standard. We recently welcomed major retailers such as Wibra and Xenos, so this is a great addition in the promotional products market. Clipper Interall plays into the trend that sustainable produced promotional products are increasingly important to its (end)customers, so I am proud that we can support this.”
Thanks to the cooperation between Clipper Interall and GSES, (business) customers will be able to see at a glance how sustainable the promotional product is. Clipper Interall is the first major importer and supplier of promotional products to make this information available based on GSES’ universal sustainability standard.
GSES is an independent platform that, not only, translates more than 500 existing certificates and labels into a universal standard but also allows organizations to and products without certificates to be measured on sustainability. To ensure the integrity of the data used (‘anti greenwashing’) GSES works with a network of officially qualified Certification Institutions that audit the data supplied by companies to support their organizations’ or products’ sustainability claims.

About Clipper Interall

Since 1945, Clipper Interall has been making the world a little more fun, exciting and surprising by importing and distributing promotional products. Thanks to fast lead times, personal contact and great attention to sustainability, Clipper Interall is the perfect partner for promotional products for many companies. The company has its headquarters in Helmond, its own distribution center
(26,000m2), more than 100 in-house printing machines and sales offices throughout Europe.

About GSES

Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES) operates in more than 110 countries, combines more than 560 sustainability labels and has over 70,000 customers. Among others the sustainability platform works for Xenos, Wibra, ABN AMRO, Univé and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The cooperation with independent certifying bodies guarantees the validation/verification of, for example, CSR targets, circularity, CO2 reduction and biodiversity.

For more information, please contact:

Oriane Wiser / / 085 301 1668


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