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Koppert implements GSES system for global sustainability

To achieve this, the company has defined a strategy focused on minimizing risks and maximizing its positive impact worldwide.

Koppert has begun the path to becoming an ecological and sustainable organization on a global level. While the company’s products and services have been promoting sustainable horticulture and agriculture for over 55 years, Koppert now aims to apply environmental sustainability criteria to all its processes and operations. To achieve this ambitious goal worldwide, it is seeking the strategic advice of the specialized company Global Sustainable Enterprise Systems (GSES), which has independently verified Control Union certifications for compliance with CSR, circular economy, CO2 reduction, and biodiversity goals, among others.

The GSES system is used by companies such as Google, Univé or ABN AMRO. GSES operates in more than 110 countries, combines more than 560 sustainability labels, and has more than 70,000 active clients. In 2021, Koppert invited GSES to evaluate the company’s position as a sustainable organization, with the goal of establishing clear environmental, social, and governance goals. With the results obtained, Koppert defined the starting points to achieve sustainability goals through a strategy focused on minimizing risks and maximizing its positive impact worldwide. In 2023, Koppert is already ready to expand its strategic alliance with GSES to a global level.

“By providing innovative solutions that increase yields and improve environmental resilience and soil quality, Koppert’s positive impact on agriculture and horticulture is significant. Sustainability is prominently on their agenda, where they are taking continuous steps forward. We are very happy that we will now also work with Koppert to make the world more sustainable,” says the CEO and founder of GSES, Kelly Ruigrok.

Continuous association with GSES
To drive its sustainability both internally and externally, Koppert has developed new sustainability strategies thanks to GSES’s ability to track the sustainability impact of the company’s supply chain, processes and operations. Overall, this collaboration allows for a comprehensive diagnosis that is able to make Koppert’s ambitious concept of what it means to be a sustainable and green organization a reality.

“Koppert’s vision and mission are the basis of our definition of sustainability and the main drivers of our desire to reduce our impact on the environment. To succeed in our ambitions, we need to measure our impact and report on it,” says Edwin Muijt, Sustainability Officer of Koppert.

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