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Exploring sustainability in the entertainment industry

Who said sustainability cannot be pushed in the entertainment industry?

Well watch the concept of sustainability getting cooler than ever before!!

Coldplay’s concert is a living proof of a harmonious symphony of sustainability and music as the event is measured by GSES – Global Sustainable Enterprise System on all facets of sustainability, the Green Guards (auditors) carefully audited their eco-friendly practices via Audit Independer on site at 4 event nights!

Proudly complying with sustainability standards and passionately supporting the mission they root for, Coldplay is not only rocking the stage but also inspiring positive change for a greener future 🌿🎶

Discover the incredible impact of Coldplays recent concerts at the Johan Cruijff ArenA as a shining example of sustainability and eco-commitment!

📈 GSES / GSVB measures on event level:
Carbon Footprint ✔️
Sustainable Venue Benchmark 🌿
Supported SDGs: Making an Impact 💚
Supply Chain Event Info: Transparent & Responsible 🌱
Artists Sustainability Impact Report 🌟


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