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LVNL’s Commitment to Sustainability: Elevating Tender Selection with GSES – Global Sustainable Enterprise System!

Sustainability takes centre stage at LVNL, where it’s not just a goal but a firm commitment. LVNL’s dedication to a greener future extends beyond words, reflected in their rigorous selection process for suppliers. This process now includes a pivotal partner: the Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES).

LVNL, as a crucial player in the aviation industry, recognises the imperative of sustainability and the need to align their procurement with environmentally conscious practices. To this end, they have partnered with GSES, a global leader in sustainable and circular business standards.

GSES serves as a beacon for LVNL in the tender selection process, ensuring that potential suppliers share their vision for a more sustainable future. Through the GSES platform, LVNL can evaluate the sustainability ambitions of suppliers in a demonstrable and verifiable manner.

The integration of GSES into LVNL’s selection criteria is setting a new industry standard, reaffirming the aviation sector’s commitment to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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