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Clipper Interall uses GSES system: Nature Impact Rating for Sustainable Shopping!

Revolutionising Retail: Clipper Interall Adopts GSES’s Nature Impact Rating for Eco-Friendly Product Evaluation

GSES – Global Sustainable Enterprise System and Clipper Interall proudly unveil the Nature Impact Rating on the Clipper website, a groundbreaking initiative reshaping the way environmental impact is measured in their webshop.

Measuring Environmental Impact:

Clipper takes a significant stride towards sustainability by integrating the Nature Impact Rating, a cutting-edge initiative by GSES, into their webshop. This innovative approach measures the environmental impact of their products comprehensively.

Explore the Sustainability Journey:

Discover the details on the Clipper website

It’s an extraordinary leap towards sustainability, showcasing Clipper’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Make a Positive Impact:
Join us in creating a more sustainable future. Explore the Nature Impact Rating on Clipper’s webshop and witness the power of conscious consumer choices.

Together Towards Sustainability:
GSES is delighted to collaborate with Clipper Interall, forging a path towards a more sustainable retail landscape. Let’s make a positive impact together!

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