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How can GSES help me with my CSRD reporting

Our GSES platform provides our clients a solution to get a clear handle on understanding their current CSRD reporting status, a clear guide to required next steps, and a digital space to streamline their CSRD data management processes. As the leader of your own CSRD journey, our platform adjusts the measurement and monitoring of ESRSs to your organization’s specific needs and top priorities. Whether you are an existing or new client, our GSES-CSRD Matching Tool allows you to seamlessly cross- check: i) what ESRSs you have already covered through your GSES Scores (if you are an existing client), and/or ii) what ESRSs you have yet to cover, and how these can be covered through the GSES System. The CSRD Meta-standard tool is an upcoming GSES functionality that will allow you to cross-check what your current certificates cover within the CSRD.

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