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The GSES System is adopted by IRO as supplier initiative in their international catalogue

The GSES System is adopted by IRO as supplier initiative in their international catalogue

The Global Sustainable Enterprise System

The GSES Platform (GSES®) offers various tools to visualize and quantify sustainable business practices. GSES measures on three levels: organizations, supply chains and products. 

It includes the generic and international MetaStandard, which incorporates all existing certifications, initiatives and labels in the field of sustainability. The MetaStandard is developed by the ND-Institute (National Sustainability Institute) and independently validated by external certification bodies. On the online GSES Platform, you generate your own organizational ScoreCard on the sustainability dashboard – quantifying your performance in the field of sustainability. The scores are useful to underpin your management decisions on how to meet your sustainability goals, as you can track the impact of specific actions. Organizations can decide to share the outcome in their marketing efforts. For example: one of our members is measuring their aluminium helidecks with the Circular Product Footprint, which is also part of the GSES System.

The GSES is a generic system for every sector or organization, also for the Maritime and Offshore industry! Branch organization IRO is a GSES member and major offshore members, such as Royal IHC, Boskalis, Heerema Marine Contractors, Bayards, IFS, Peterson, 80:20 Procurement Services and Navingo, are using the GSES platform to actively work on their sustainable performance. You can also use the BlueScan self-assessment tool for your procurement process, which is created by a consortium of major maritime companies. With the independent GSES tools you can gain insight into changes and opportunities to activate, accelerate and improve the sustainability awareness in this industry!

We believe:

  • it is time to drastically change to more sustainable business models.
  • across the board, there is a momentum and a willingness to change.
  • nonetheless, the world is acting too slowly to be able to meet the conservative goals of the Paris Accords.
  • change should be driven by WANT and not by MUST: we should inspire a desire to change from within.
  • we strongly believe governments, organizations and citizens are ready for more sustainable choices, but often do not know how.
  • an holistic approach is the only way: we change the world together.

It is our mission:

  • to provide concrete solutions that speed up the global sustainability agenda.
  • to promote and enable transparency, in a secure and open-source block chain setting.
  • providing organizations with practical tools to be able to integrate the Social Development Goals into their business practices.
  • to create a new global frame of reference for sustainability.
  • to expand our global sustainability community, involving the unusual suspects.
  • to do so within a short timeframe before the earth is exhausted: our time is now!

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