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Transparency House on GSES Go Green Area

Transparency House on GSES Go Green Area

At Navingo’s request, the National Sustainability Institute of The Netherlands is responsible for the GSES Go Green Area on the Offshore Energie 2019 where all SDG and sustainable game changers  will be given a stage.
The National Sustainability Institute created an international overarching sustainable standard suitable for all industries especially the maritime, gas and oil industry – the Global Sustainable Enterprise Standard ( The BlueScan assessment, created by maritime giants like Boskalis, Heerema Marine Contractors, Royal IHC, Peterson, 8020 etc. for the maritime industry is integrated in the online GSES platform.
Companies like Peterson, Heerema Marine Contractors, Van Oord, Navingo, the branche organisatio IRO= etc. already using this global system to measure their own sustainability performance or the performance of their suppliers. Various innovative companies and also members of the GSES System show their best practices on the GSES Go Green Area and talk about it in the Transparency House talkshow that is also on the GSES Go Green Area.
The Transparency House is a media concept of the National Sustainability Institute, in order to create more awareness about the SDG’s and sustainability in the sector we connect businesses, media and governmental institutions in the Transparency House talkshow to discuss and get to know the real game changers. The Transparency House format is an innovative, fact finding talkshow that involves several media channels and table guests like; Van Oord, HMC Heerema, Peterson Offshore, NEVI, Control Union, IRO, Young IRO, Eco-Point, IFS, Bayards, Merford, Zytec etc.
Everyone can watch the Transparency House talkshow LIVE and after on Offshore Energy Today website and the Transparency House Live Stream. There are several VIP ambassadors, SDG ambassadors and special guests along with various media that will be announced shortly.
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