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NO FOSSIL FUELS, NO WASTE, NO LIMITS Biondoil will make it happen

It started with a shared concern about how we consume this planet, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”. Biondoil brought together mutual skills and drivers to figure out solutions which will tackle global warming, unnecessary use  of non-replaceable fossil fuels, CO2 emissions and a lot more. Not as a dot on the horizon but within grasp 2 years from now for Biondoil’s first business initiative.

“We want to be a stepping stone towards a better world by creating sustainable solutions for fundamental human needs such as clean drinking water, renewable energy and related values such as respect for nature and biodiversity.

We can’t cover everything. Our added value is our expertise in next generation development of sustainable renewable biofuels and chemicals to provide climate friendly energy solutions and living conditions for all. We focus on non-disruptive short to midterm circular processes to (help to) create these solutions.  Co-creation and co-production are essential to reach these goals. We need to be innovative, parties with different backgrounds need to share their knowledge to make it happen. We firmly believe in creating win-win solutions for the benefit of all.  

Climate change and valuable living conditions for everyone are our primary drivers. Climate change is apparent and inspires us morally to change the way we use natural resources and to find sustainable alternatives. Today’s challenge for tomorrow is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced to halt climate change.” Says  Ivar Knopper, CEO at  Biondoil.

Biondoil groundbreaking refinery

Primary focus is the Rotterdam bio-ethanol refinery. As a source Biondoil uses second generation biomass (remaining parts of trees logged for timber from sustainable forest – no biomass also applicable for food). The main product of Biondoil will be bio-ethanol primarily to be used for motorized transport of people and goods. Also other products result from the refinery process such as . liquid CO2 and lignin.

Biondoil can sell the bio-ethanol to industrial partners (e.g. as added component in fuel for conventional cars and trucks) but we also look into the possibilities of a new type of engine: the bio energy cell. Also biogenic CO2 is an interesting source for  glasshouses (plants need CO2 to grow). Lignin can also be a source resulting in e.g. bio based coatings in the shipping industry. Last but not least the knowledge about these processes can be re-used in the Biondoil bio hubs for rural areas. 

The current set of business models of Biondoil exists of:

  • Bio-ethanol refinery
  • Bio energy cell
  • Liquid CO2 as a new source of energy
  • Bio hub for rural areas

Investment opportunities & Dutch Trade Mission to UAE

Biondoil is looking for investors for the refinery in Rotterdam. This is an outstanding chance for international investors because of the innovative and scalable character of the Biondoil concept. Because Biondoil is looking for a wide range of stakeholders national and internationally based they took part in the Dutch Trade Mission to the UAE. If you are interested in investment opportunities in Dutch innovations you can contact the Dutch embassy in Abu Dhabi for more information.

Biondoil supported by the National Sustainability Institute of The Netherlands 

The National Sustainability Institute is supporting Biondoil and is aware of the endless and amazing results that Biondoil can bring. Because Biondoil is a real innovation based on Dutch knowledge, the National Sustainability Institute and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands supporting the initiative and decided to give Biondoil a stage in the Transparency House on the ADSW what was also part of the Dutch Trade Mission. Biondoil CEO – Ivar Knopper was guest in the Transparency House that was part of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week to tell about Biondoil and the successes and investment opportunities for the Biondoil refinery in The Netherlands.

“We support Biondoil to achieve their goals and line up stakeholders that are really ready for change, it is groundbreaking what is happening in the Netherlands in the field of innovation and sharing knowledge, Biondoil is a great example of how we can change the world fast and help Mother Earth recover” thus Kelly Ruigrok – Managing Director National Sustainability Institute from The Netherlands.

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