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Globally Great and the Dutch National Sustainability Institute join forces to raise global awareness on sustainability

Globally Great and the Dutch National Sustainability Institute join forces to raise global awareness on sustainability 

Dubai – Globally Great, the National Sustainability Institute and the Global Sustainable Enterprise (GSE) System joined forces this week to raise global awareness of humanity on sustainability worldwide. The companies share a joint ambition to create a bridge between both the private and public sector to help to implement the 17 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 and are blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. Dubai based Globally Great is the world’s first digital video platform that strives to inspire, educate and inform its clients and visitors. Globally Great also has a consultancy branch that helps implement these SDGs by providing sustainable corporate solutions. While the GSE System – developed by the Netherlands based National Sustainability Institute – is the world’s first sustainability rating platform.

Both entities share a vision in which they want to change the world in rapid tempo. “We are in a crucial moment in time and have to ask ourselves the question how do we want to continue? Like we did in past decennia or do we try to make the world a better and more sustainable place?” said Stefanie Schachtschabel founder and managing partner at Globally Great.

Globally Great recently became the media partner for the GSE System and the National Sustainability Institute because of one common goal: creating more transparency and awareness for both the private sector and consumers alike. “If we want to survive as a social and free humanity, we need to raise the sustainable awareness of humanity fast. We need global collaborations that have real impact on what we do. That is why we are happy to work with an established partner as Globally Great”, said Kelly Ruigrok director from the National Sustainability Institute.

The new collaboration is meant to increase sustainable awareness of humanity worldwide. A common goal that can be achieved by combining the power of a strong and global media platform and world’s leading global sustainability rating platform together.

Globally Great

Globally Great is the world’s first digital video platform focused on the SDGs. It strongly believes we are living in a region committed to a sustainable future. It is the world’s first digital video platform focused on sustainability, innovation and happiness. Globally Great’s goal is to inspire, educate and inform you about how destinations move towards a green economy for sustainable development. The focus of Globally Great is on three main pillars: Environmental, Economic and Social sustainability (

National Sustainability Institute

The National Sustainability Institute (NDI) is the Dutch institute in the field of socially responsible, circular and impactful entrepreneurship. By means of concrete tools, a diverse community and SDG projects, the NDI brings together business, consumers and governmental institutions and makes sustainability accessible for everybody.
The toolset the NDI has developed – the Global Sustainable Enterprise System & the Sustainable Meta-standard – makes sustainable, circular and socially responsible business transparent, measurable and tangible. The NDI favours standardization and links existing certifications with each other ( System

GSE System is global leader in sustainability ratings and corporate governance. The GSE System is an online standardized system that rates company’s, products or projects on sustainability. It uses standards, auditing & certification tools and metadata in a pragmatic way for companies to begin responsible sourcing and greater waste reduction. Every company has a GSE Rating report on the GSE System platform. The GSE Rating report shows how businesses are rated and how they can implement increasingly sustainable practices on a step-by-step basis (

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